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Keep Spring Time Safe

albuquerque spring pet

albuquerque spring petIt is officially spring! If you are like us, then you are ready to get out in the sunshine, whether it is going on a hike with your dog or planting flowers.  Make sure you keep your pets safe this spring with these simple safety tips.

Tags and Microchips

The more time your pet is outside, the more risk they have of getting out of your back yard or wandering off. Make sure your pet is properly licensed and microchipped, so if they do get away from you they can be quickly returned to you.

Getting a microchip is a quick and easy in-office procedure. You can get it done when you bring them in for your annual vaccinations.

Flea and Tick

With spring comes fleas. Make sure your spring cleaning does not mean ridding your house of fleas. Preventative flea and tick treatment is the best way to keep fleas off of your pet, yourself and out of your house.

Cleaning Supplies

Now that spring has sprung, many of us are getting rid of the must of winter by cleaning everything! Make sure that on your spring cleaning binge, you keep your cleaning chemicals away from your pets. Most cleaning supplies, even the all natural ones, will make your pet sick. If you think they have ingested some cleaning supplies, call your vet immediately.


With spring time comes fresh spring air. As you are doing your spring cleaning, and opening up your doors and windows, make sure to keep the screens shut. Though it might be nice to open up the whole house, pets can easily fall out of windows or go wondering off through an open door. So just to be safe, keep that screen pulled closed.


Poison Prevention Week!


It is Pet Poison Prevention week. The first step to preventing poisoning is to know what your biggest risks are. Here is a list, courtesy of the Pet Poison Helpline that shows you the most common household poisons for cats and dogs. Dog Poisons: Chocolate Mouse and Rat Poisons Vitamins and Minerals NSAIDs (e.g., ibuprofen, naproxen, […]


How to Brush Your Cats Teeth


Most people are afraid to brush their cats teeth. But dental health is very important for cats. 4 out of 5 cats develop periodontal disease! You can bring your cat into Los Lunas Vetco to get their annual dental cleaning, but regular cleanings will help keep your cat healthier and help them live longer. Watch […]


Pet Dental Health Month!

Woo Hoo! It is Pet Dental Health Month! Does your dog have bad breath? Broken teeth?  Might your cat have gum disease?  Has your cat or dog been losing weight and you are not sure why?  All of these things can relate to their teeth. Annual teeth cleanings are important for your pets overall health. […]


Herbs That Are Good For Your Pets

cat dog herbs

Our pets love to chew on plants. Sometimes they try to treat out house plants as a buffet, so why not give them a healthy alternative. Burdock Herb – This herb is known for treating allergies and digestive issues. Milk Thistle – Good for liver disorders. Peppermint – Smells good and is great for treating indigestion and nausea. […]


Snow Blindness in Dogs

We are in the heart of winter! It is time to go skiing up on Sandia Mountain. Don’t forget how much fun snow shoeing or hiking with your dog is as well! When people go outside to play in the snow, we are acutely aware of how bright the snow can be on our eyes. […]


Cats Without Tails

short tail cats

Though it seems strange, there are cats that are born with out tails or with super short tails. The 2 primary breeds that are known for short tails are Manx cats and American Bobtails. Though some people say they are bred to have short tails or that people cut them off at birth, this is […]