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Sign of a Normal Healthy Cat

 Sign of a Normal Healthy Cat

Having a cat is great! As a responsible pet owner it is good to know the signs of a healthy cat as well as a sick on.

1. Even Breathing

Though cats can sometimes pant, it is not a normal behavior and can indicate stress, overheating or a health problem. Your cats breathing should be even and regular.

2. Body Temperature

A cat’s normal body temperature ranges from 100.4 to 102.5 Fahrenheit. If your cat’s temperature is higher than 102.5, he has a fever and needs immediate veterinary attention.

3. Hydration

Your cat should be hydrated. When you pinch and lift their skin, it should return to their body and flatten out quickly. If you pinch their skin and it is slow to return to its normal position, you cat may be dehydrated. You should give them fresh water and if it persists you may want to consult your vet.

4. Throwing Up

Unfortunately throwing up is a normal part of cat behavior.  Most of the time when you cat vomits it will be a hairball. You can tell because there will be a big ball of hair like substance. If you see food in the contents then it is vomit. As long as your cat stays hydrated and is not vomiting a lot, it is likely normal behavior. If you are not sure, call your vet for a checkup.

5. Weight

It is easy for a cat to get overweight, especially as they get older. When you pet your cat, you should be able to easily feel their spine and ribs without pressing too hard. You should be able to see a waist between their last rib and their hips. From the side you should be able to see their stomach rise up to create a waist between their ribs and their hips.

6. Dental Health

Cats do not have as many dental issues as dogs, but this does not mean that they are immune.  If your cat has particularly bad breath, he may have gum disease.  You want to keep an eye out for lots of plaque and tartar, sores (ulcers) on their tongue and gums, and loose teeth.  Your cats gums should be pink and moist. They should not be swollen or grey. If they are swollen or grey there may have gum disease and will need to be treated.

Remember that to keep your cat healthy you need to make sure to get annual vaccinations and a checkup.

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