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Halloween Safety Tips for Exotic Pets

ruby 225x300 Halloween Safety Tips for Exotic PetsHalloween Safety Tips for Exotic Pets

Exotic pets are not so different than domestic pets like cats and dogs, when it comes to Halloween pet safety. Halloween can be a lot of fun for us, but can be down right scary for our pets.  Here are some tips to keep your exotic pet safe when all the ghostie and ghoulies are out and about.

1. No Chocolate

Chocolate is bad to give pets. It is toxic to most animals and can cause vomiting, diarrhea, seizures and increased heart rate. In high levels it can cause death.

Candy Wrappers

Wrappers are crinkly and shiny and look like a lot of fun to chew on. But they can be very dangerous for your pet. Birds and Ferrits, especially, are attracted to candy wrappers. If they eat them, the wrapper can cause a blockage in their intestine. So put your wrappers in the trash.


Xylitol is a sweetener found in many gums and candies. It is often recommended by dentists because it is lower in sugar than regular sugar. However, the dentist may recommend it for you, but it is bad for your pet. It can cause a dangerous drop in blood sugar that can lead to incoordination and seizures.

Decorations and Wires

We all love to get our homes festive for Halloween with lights and things that go boo in the night. Rabbits, birds, ferrits, and rodents, love to chew on things. Wires, decorations and shiny things are some of their favorites. Make sure your decorations stay away from your pets nibbling mouth. Chewing on, and ingesting, wires and decorations, can put your exotic pet at risk of electrocution, toxicity, chocking and intestinal blockages.

Trick or Treat

Your door bell will be ringing all night long with cute kids in great costumes. Though we might like the costumes, the whole process can be scary or anxiety provoking for your pet. To keep them from having anxiety, or trying to run out the door because they are scared, you should keep them away from the center of activity or give them a safe place to hide.

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