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Does Your Pet Have Seasonal Allergies?

sneezeSeasonal allergies are allergies that come and go, generally with changing seasons and blooming plants. If your pet gets itchy skin or has runny, mucous-filled eyes and sneezes during spring, summer, or fall, they’re probably reacting to seasonal allergens. In our state, seasonal pet allergies in New Mexico are very commonplace.

Pets with seasonal allergies to ragweed, grasses, pollens, molds, and various blooming trees and flowers often develop sensitivity to other allergens inhaled through the nose and mouth. Animals can develop sinusitis and bronchitis just as people do.

There are several signs that your pet may have seasonal allergies. Though respiratory symptoms aren’t common in pets with allergies, they do occur. A running nose, watery eyes, coughing, and sneezing are typical allergic symptoms both dogs and cats. These symptoms should not be confused with ordinary coughing or sneezing, as animals frequently cough or sneeze for no allergic reason.

Seasonal allergies can also develop into year round issues, including allergic dermatitis. In dogs and cats, allergic reactions generally take the form of allergic dermatitis, which simply means skin irritation or inflammation. If your pet has allergies, they will begin scratching their skin excessively and may begin to bite or chew at certain areas of their body. You may notice patches of irritated skin and, in advanced cases, places where fur has been worn away. Other signs of allergic dermatitis include areas of hair loss, open sores, scabbing, and hot spots in dogs.

A hot spot is inflamed, infected skin that occurs when your dog’s natural bacteria overwhelms an area of their skin. The skin will be very red, often with bleeding and hair loss. Hot spots do not generally happen in cats. Another sign to watch for if you suspect your pet has allergies is generalized redness. Allergic pets often have irritated mucous membranes and bare skin – puffy red eyes, red gum tissue, reddened or sensitive paws, and even irritation around the anus and tail.

Does your pet have any of these symptoms? Check your local New Mexico allergy index or contact the helpful Vetco veterinarian in your area by calling (505) 865-0662 today.

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