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Happy Earth Day!



Happy Earth Day!

Celebrate Earth Day by not over populating the world with animals. Pet overpopulation is a big problem in New Mexico. Most pets that go into shelters are not adopted and are euthanized. The best way to help stop pet over population is by spaying or neutering your pets, or adopting a pet from a shelter.

Spaying or neutering can be expensive, but Vetco wants to make sure that all of New Mexico can afford to spay and/or neuter by offering low cost spay and neuter surgeries.  We also offer low cost shot clinics to help keep your pet healthy.

You can also celebrate Earth Day by recycling. Bring your old newspaper and blankets into Vetco. We use them for pets healing after surgery and need as many as we can get.

Dog Hay Fever


Did you know your dog can get hay fever just like you? Spring time in New Mexico is beautiful but if you have allergies can be a rough time of year, rough for you and your dog. Symptoms of Hay fever Hay fever in dogs is very similar to hay fever in people and affects up […]


Food Matters

healthy pet food

The food that you feed your pet is important. It affects their energy, their coat and their overall health. If you don’t eat fast food every day and for every meal, why would you want to feed your pet the pet food equivalent. Make sure your pet is a healthy member of your family for […]


Keep Your Pet Safe at Easter


Happy Easter! We want your family to have a safe holiday, one that is free of an emergency trip to the vet clinic.  Follow these safety tips for a fun and safe holiday. Keep cats away from Easter Lilies. They are extremely toxic to cats and can kill them. Don’t let your pets eat your chocolate […]


Keep Spring Time Safe

albuquerque spring pet

It is officially spring! If you are like us, then you are ready to get out in the sunshine, whether it is going on a hike with your dog or planting flowers.  Make sure you keep your pets safe this spring with these simple safety tips. Tags and Microchips The more time your pet is […]


Poison Prevention Week!


It is Pet Poison Prevention week. The first step to preventing poisoning is to know what your biggest risks are. Here is a list, courtesy of the Pet Poison Helpline that shows you the most common household poisons for cats and dogs. Dog Poisons: Chocolate Mouse and Rat Poisons Vitamins and Minerals NSAIDs (e.g., ibuprofen, naproxen, […]


How to Brush Your Cats Teeth


Most people are afraid to brush their cats teeth. But dental health is very important for cats. 4 out of 5 cats develop periodontal disease! You can bring your cat into Los Lunas Vetco to get their annual dental cleaning, but regular cleanings will help keep your cat healthier and help them live longer. Watch […]


Pet Dental Health Month!

Woo Hoo! It is Pet Dental Health Month! Does your dog have bad breath? Broken teeth?  Might your cat have gum disease?  Has your cat or dog been losing weight and you are not sure why?  All of these things can relate to their teeth. Annual teeth cleanings are important for your pets overall health. […]